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The Zodiac Debate: Tropical vs Sidereal

Most siderealists use the fixed star Spica, located near the final edges of the Virgo constellation. From there, the basic framework of the 30 degrees of all zodiac signs are assigned. To account for the precession of the equinoxes—based on the geocentric, tropical position of a star—siderealists establish different corrections, or ayaynamshas , to account for the slow drift backward through the zodiac. So, if you were born on the first day of Spring—0 degrees Aries for Tropical zodiac users—the sun would be at nearly 6 degrees of sidereal Pisces instead.

This usually accounts for the discrepancy between the two zodiacs. The meanings for the signs, houses, and planets are different in tropical and sidereal astrology. An Aries , for example, might not embody the same characteristics in both zodiacs. In fact, Vedic astrologer Vic DiCara believes that the Nakshatra Lunar Zodiac could function as a point of agreement between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs.

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Yet, regardless, how and who moves your stars, you can move with them. And while NASA has its share of space-centric expertise, if you have a question about astrology, the best person to ask is likely an astrologer. Art by Dorian Legret.

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